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Council to vote on new residential development

Posted 2/8/23

On Monday, February 13th Harrisburg Town Council will vote on the Blackwelder conditional rezoning. If rezoned by council, it will bring over 50 new homes clustered in an area that is currently zoned low density. Unique to this project, the developer has requested to pay an additional fee to forego normal open space requirements. You can share feedback on this proposal by emailing Town Council or attending the meeting Monday @ 6pm at Town Hall.


Council to vote on new tax increase and water/sewer increase

Posted 5/17/22

The town will soon raise your property tax rate by 22.5%. This could increase your tax burden by hundreds of dollars and represents the largest tax hike in the history of Harrisburg! Contact info for Town Council can be found on the Resources page and now is the time to provide your input. If the proposed budget is adopted, it will also increase your water and sewer rates as well.

Remember Town Council is elected to serve YOU, the taxpayer. Be sure to make your voice heard and see you at the next public hearing!

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